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Why you should trust us

Get the results that matter to you.
234Ads can work for almost any advertising budget. Set a daily budget cap, and never go over it. Plus, you can pause or adjust your spend anytime.

Get in front of customers when they are browsing on the internet. Only pay for results, like clicks to your website or calls to your business..

If you are looking to generate more revenue through your site and need the most advanced monetization solutions. You are in the right place! With 234ads.com, no matter what kind of marketer or publisher you are you have multiple opportunities to earn real money..

For Advertisers

PRECISE TARGETING:- Our category targeted ads show on our publishers web sites, blogs and search engines. Allowing only relevant ads to be shown to potential clients. Publishers can also block unwanted ads from showing on their sites

DETAILED REAL-TIME REPORTING:-, Both advertisers and publishers have access to advanced real-time reporting. These reports allow one to easily see how their ads are performing from both a publisher and advertisers perspective.


ADVANCED FRAUD SCREENING:-, 234Ads.com! has advanced real-time fraud detection in place to detect invalid clicks such as, Repetitive Click Tracking, Proxy Click Tracking, Bot Click Tracking, and IP ad serving and click detection.


GEO TARGETED ADVERTISING:- All ads are targeted based on geo-location of a user's IP address. 234ads! allows you to focus your advertising to a specific region where the business prospects lie. Select which areas of the world you want your ads to show up in.

For Publishers

Monetize your Traffic
- Get paid for every view and clicks.
- Variety of Ads sizes to choose from.
- Low minimum payout of 20$ or N3000.

-Instant account activation

-Earn minimum of N4 or $0.025 and above per click
-Premium Publisher available on request.
-Thousands of Adverts from our partner companies
-Earn up to N5 per 1,000 impressions from our partners ads

Prompt Payments
- Payments sent everyday.
- Request for payout any time of the day.

-Payment to your Bank Account, Paypal.

Earn from referrals
- Earn 5% referral commission.
- Refer publishers and advertisers.

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Easily transfer funds
- Publishers can transfer funds from their publisher account into their advertiser account this way you can use your earnings from your publisher account to fund your own adverting campaigns..

Tips to increase your revenue on Impression from our partners ads!
1. Your eCPM is calculated based on your conversion rate which depends among some factors :
- the geotargeting of your traffic. High eCPM Countries are US,UK,CA,AU,NZ,IE,NO,CH.
- the click through rate ( CTR ).
- the bounce rate ( amount of impressions per unique visits )
2. Place our ads within the top fold of your pages. It is known that ads placed above the fold of the page tend to receive more clicks and perform better.
3. Use the ads within and near articles. Visibility will bring results..

Since 2013 we have been serving over 10,000 publishers and advertisers worldwide, sending payments, on-time, across the globe, generating hundreds of millions of leads for our advertisers and processing tens of millions of dollars..

For Media Buyer/Adnetworks

If you are a media buying agency and would like to run your clients ads on our network, you are very much welcomed and get assigned a dedicated manager. Even if you run your own Adnetwork and would like to run your tags via our network, please kindly reach out

Looking to fill your traffic with more geo based ads on your network, reach out to us today at support@234ads.com